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Updated: May 8, 2021

Communication in my opinion is one of the most important factors when retaining a lead and keeping a customer, a loyal customer. Communication is key as we have all heard but here are some ways you can work on improving your communication with your clients.

  • Listen, Listen, Listen. Listen carefully and clearly to your clients needs and questions. A lead is often lost because of misunderstandings of the product or services. Listen to your clients concerns and answer them clearly.

  • Learn how to handle irate clients. Do not allow an upset client to cause a negative response from you. Keep your composure, breath and take control of the situation and of your response. Do not react to the client but be proactive.

  • Friendliness can never do harm. Keep conversation with your clients friendly, no matter how serious the discussion is a smile can change the entire atmosphere and experience for the client.

  • Diarize follow up calls or meetings. Keep the communication consistent and ensure you arrange follow up calls/meetings or emails to ensure that the client is happy and has a positive experience of your services or product.

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