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1. Recognize Good Work

Recognizing when someone has done a good job, whether they work for you or with you, is one of the quickest ways to create a positive atmosphere at the office. Be thankful and thank coworkers. Cultivating a thankful and grateful attitude toward those with whom you work will change their attitude and how they treat you. Recognizing people for their efforts sends a powerful message and a powerful tool.

2. Be an Optimist

Maintain a positive attitude at work and avoid negative attitudes and behaviors. Resist the urge to be sarcastic and backstabbing, and instead look for the positive in people and situations. Changing your mindset to one that is more positive will help you change your behavior and the behavior of those around you.

3. Listen

Listening satisfies a person's basic need for validation and acceptance. Listen to everyone's point of view, and encourage people to speak up, especially if they don't often do so. Take the time to respect and acknowledge everyone's viewpoint, and let them know you appreciate them. This fosters an environment of mutual trust, respect, and teamwork

4. Trust Your Employees

Employees are more likely to feel valued, and motivated to be more involved when they are involved in decision-making. Being trustworthy entails being approachable to those around you and being forthright with information and opinions. Only when a coworker has faith in you will he or she be susceptible to your positive influence. The more you trust the people around you, the more they will trust you and your ideas.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency is essential for gaining influence. Be consistent in completing your tasks effectively and on time, every day. People will start to rely on you and expect you to deliver on a consistent basis. People will trust that your ideas are solid and reliable if you are consistently motivated by the same principles, which will make it easier to get people on your side. Consistency is especially important when you're in a lower-level position because it shows dedication.

6. Be Assertive

When you are assertive, you speak with confidence, which invites others to listen to what you have to say, even if you are speaking in a room full of other people expressing their ideas. Being assertive is the only way to get your ideas heard. This assertiveness should pervade all of your interactions, regardless of whether you're speaking to employees above, below, or at your level. Being assertive is a good way to establish your influence

7. Gossip

Gossip demoralizes the person and, if malicious, can escalate into bullying. Avoiding gossip and not being drawn in by negative energy will keep you centered and will not distort your opinion of the person, who deserves your respect. Managers should encourage employees to spread positive rumors when they witness a coworker going above and beyond in their work. Positive gossip is a powerful tool for creating positivity and encouraging positive attitudes and behaviors.

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