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1. Authenticity

While agents are trying to convert a lead into a sale, they often provide information on the service or policy that it does not actually have. It is important to be transparent in order to have a successful sale. Agents need to be authentic when providing all information of the product or service.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Do more than expected. Providing important information and helpful insights to your lead can ease them into a sale as they will find more trust in the product or service you are offering. Always go the extra mile for your leads.

3. Knowledge

Knowledge on the product or services being offered is the foundation of moving the lead to the next level. The sales agents need to know everything about the product or services that they are selling. Having the knowledge about the product or services will be important in handling objections and completing a sale.

4. Don’t Be Forceful

Sales agents are always working towards completing their targets and this can often be the result in rushed calls to the leads. Leads do not respond well to these forceful and rushed calls and will often instantly have a negative association towards the business product or services.

5. Opening

The opening of the call to the lead is vital and needs to attract the lead in some way. Starting the call on a positive note and maintaining the positivity throughout the call makes it is easier for a lead to listen. Leads respond a lot more positively to someone that is upbeat and positive than someone who is morbidly reading a script on autopilot.

6. Follow up

Last but not least is the follow up stage. It is important to reconnect with the lead until the sale is made. According to experts 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups. Emails are the easiest way to stay connected with your leads. Be persistent and develop the quality of your follow up emails and calls.

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