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1. Friendliness

Ensure that you keep a friendly tone throughout the call with an irate customer and keep smiling as it has been proven to make a big difference in your tone of voice. This will also promote a more positive response from the customer.

2. Listen

When you come across an irate customer make sure that you are focusing on listening. Often, after a caller is given the chance to express their anger they will be open to a more positive discussion. The customer mostly wants his frustrations to be heard and understood so when an irate customer is expressing themselves make sure that you do not interrupt them.

3. Remain Calm and Positive

It is important to remain calm and positive throughout the call with an irate customer. This will promote a more positive interaction. Ensure you keep a positive attitude and reaffirm the customer that the concern will be resolved swiftly. Irate customers often yell and curse at the agents and it is natural to want to defend yourself but responding in defense will only escalate the problem. Keep in mind that you are there to serve the customer and do not take it personally. Make sure that you stay positive and reassuring throughout the call.

4. Repeat Information

Irate customers just want to be heard at the end of the day, and agents need to reassure them that they are listening. When customers feel like they're getting their messages across they will feel more understood and often start responding in a calmer manner. Its good to repeat the information in your own words to confirm you’ve been listening to them and to make sure that you are both on the same page.

5. Try Not To Use the Hold Button

I have experienced that customer care agents often put the irate customer on hold when they are feeling overwhelmed, this however will only anger them more and will escalate the issues. 6. Resolve the Issue

Irate customers want to know that their problem is going to be resolved. Ensure that you find some kind of solution for the customer or at least a step in the right direction to keep the customers peace of mind. Let them know the process forward so they understand what the process is and a turnaround time that the problem will be resolved.

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