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1. Let GO! It is very difficult to let go of your own work but you need to trust that someone else can do this for you and save you a lot of time. You can start small and as you get more comfortable you can work your way up to bigger tasks. Start with your lower-skilled tasks that can be delegated to others and save yourself more time.

2. Know Their Strengths You want to know their strengths to ensure that you are delegating to the best person for the job. If you have a task you want to delegate and you do not have anyone with the required strengths and skills you can provide the training. This will be an investment in the long run as you will have someone to take over those tasks on an ongoing basis.

3. Provide Clear Instructions Ensure that you provide specific and clear instructions, including deadlines and all other preferences. Communication is so important when delegating.

4. Give Ownership and Avoid Micromanaging Delegate in a way that they are able to take ownership of the task and giving them the confidence to complete the job successfully. Show confidence in their ability and they will feel empowered and will provide their best work.

5. Feedback Meetings

Arrange feedback meetings to answer any questions you both might have and to confirm any deadlines and milestones. You can add any positive feedback on current wins and successes in these meetings as well.

6. Give Credit Once the task has been completed give credit to them. When you give someone credit they will be more than willing to take over more tasks as the more responsibilities you give to them the more motivated they will be.

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