Updated: May 22, 2021

1. Set Goals the Night Before

Set your goals and your vision for the following day the night before and complete a to-do list. This way you will have a better night of rest and you will wake up in the morning having your intention set.

2. Declutter

Declutter your workspace. Anything around your workspace that you know causes distractions remove it and put it out of sight. Having a messy and untidy workspace will make it harder to focus.

3. Internal Distractions

Often our distractions are not external but internal distractions. Be self-aware and figure out what is causing the internal distractions and learn to get yourself grounded and at a place of internal peace. Meditation is always helpful and you can do this anytime for however long you have, just a few breaths to release the internal distractions and to re-focus.

4. Take Breaks It is important to take a few minutes break every 1 to 2 hours. Your body and mind will naturally get tired so take the breaks you need to re-focus and ensure that you are eating and drinking something healthy to keep your energy levels and overall health in good condition.

5. Schedule Distractions

Schedule your distractions. Most of the time we are aware of what distracts us, for example, emails and meetings. You can schedule time slots specifically to attend to emails and meetings so you can stay focused and keep to schedule as much as you possible. You will find yourself being a lot more productive when following these steps as well.

6. Close Internet Browsers

It has become too easy to get distracted now so it will be very helpful to close your internet browsers. If you do need it for a specific task, close the browser as soon as the task is completed. Surfing the web and social media and all kinds of online activities will only distract you, decrease your productivity and very likely get you fired. It’s not worth it!

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