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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

1. Monitoring Calls To ensure that your agents are interacting with customers and leads in accordance with your organizations guidelines and standards, a quality assurer will monitor calls to measure performance and assist in your business objectives and requirements. Quality assurers will continuously identify areas of improvements, staff training requirements and soft skill flaws. These flaws and areas of improvement will be communicated and reported to the relevant managers along with recommendations on ways to improve the flaws of the agents and relevant departments. 2. Evaluating Performances In order to ensure that your agents are performing at a high level, a quality assurer will assess their behavior and performance. When training is required the quality assurer will provide relevant training to agents on company policies, soft skills and product knowledge in order to better serve their customers and leads.

3. Improving Retentions If your customer is happy with the agents performance there is a high chance that the customer will continue to purchase your products or services. If your leads or customers are unhappy with the agents services, soft skills or product knowledge it will very likely result in a lost customer/lead. It is important for the agents to understand what the customers want. It is important to have a strong data system so that when communicating with the customer or lead you are already aware of important information and will minimize the need for the customer/lead to repeat themselves.

4. Developing a Quality Culture One of the reasons quality assurance is an ongoing process is to ensure that the organizations quality is consistently improving. By consistently monitoring calls and providing targeted training the call center will develop a stronger quality culture. The employees will be more aware of the quality of their service delivered as they know they are being monitored. Every agent is monitored as an individual with their own strengths and weaknesses and available training where needed.

5. Satisfaction By providing the relevant training to the agents and constantly monitoring calls and improving retention, soft skills, product knowledge and employee self-esteem it will not only increase the employee level of satisfaction but the end result is a massive increase in customer satisfaction which is always the most important factor in any organization.

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